So let me see if I got this right.

You pick up a green walnut

from the ground and you sit there

on a branch and you tear

into it with your sharp incisors.

That’s a beautiful tail you’ve got

there for balance by the way.

Anyway, you sit there chewing

and spitting and spitting

and chewing, making your

way through that bitter rind.

Makes me think of a lots of situations

in life and all the time you’re

getting down to the really hard part,

but you know there’s something

sweet and nutritious deep inside.

I watch you work.

You’re really good at it.

I’ve got a few talents too,

but that’s why I’m resting.

Anyway, eventually you get down

to the nut and then, just when I thought

you’d risk a tooth gnawing through

to the meat, you jam the whole thing

in your mouth.

You scurry away and I catch on.

You’re going to bury it in the ground,

let the earth soften it up

and when you’re good and hungry

come back, dig it up

and finish the job.

Smart as a fox,

which reminds me.

That’s really a very beautiful tail

you’ve got there.

By the way,

watch out

crossing the street.