Once upon a time in a place far, far away I walked into a department store with my parents and they had a man playing piano on the sales floor. They did things like that in those days, days of civilization and culture before American began to drag the bottom of the barrel in pursuit of ideals long since betrayed. Anyway, this guy asked me, “Would you like me to play something for you?” What did he expect? Just trying to be nice. It must have been rough, good enough to play piano in public for money and hired to play in a department store. I asked him, “Do you know Rhapsody In Blue?” I can still remember the look he gave me and I don’t remember what he played, but now I can listen to Rhapsody In Blue any time I want on the computer with my stereo speakers in a world where gangs mob department stores in coordinated pillage with getaway cars ready to whisk them away because they all have smart phones and I can tell you its better to listen to a man or a woman playing piano in person in public than all the computers in the world. Because people matter and kids matter inspired by geniuses like George Gershwin and I suppose that man went home to his family that night and said, “You won’t believe what happened today. Some kid asked me to play Rhapsody In Blue.” Because the memory matters and what we do matters because we’re just so human and when anyone tries to make us believe it doesn’t matter because they know better, not only are they wrong. They don’t matter. I’m telling you this because you matter. Listen to Gershwin.