I’m sorry.

I can’t bear to throw it away.

I’ll keep it as a reminder of what I might have given someone.

Small and mighty as the gift might have been.

I stopped when I thought I’d done enough.

I probably hadn’t. Probably didn’t. Probably should have given just

a bit more of what required to be wrapped in this scrap of colorful waste.

I’ll try again. Maybe not wait until next year. Next Holiday. Next official

and fully sanctioned way to give. I’ll look for the eccentric places, the

odd, unexpected tokens of appreciation or outright love or the way the need

surprises me with my own largess. I’ll keep this scrap paper. I’ll post it with

my diplomas and my certificates of merit, my honors and my achievements

and remember I might have done more. I didn’t do enough. I gave less than

I received.

I’m sorry.

I’ll try again.