There is a legend.

it is not of the Bible,

yet it is Scriptural.

It is told, not written, yet

I write it now.

There needs to be such

stories. Listen.

In the old days

or perhaps they were

young and ours are old,

a people set out by canoe

from their land New

Zealand. Then it had

another name, but names

change. They ventured forth

into the unknown and

it is one thousand five hundred

miles to Fiji. They

could not have known another

three thousand two hundred

miles lay between them

and Hawaii and another

two thousand eight hundred

to Alaska, but that is

why you find Maori in

Alaska, because they sailed

seven thousand five hundred

miles by open faith.

How many miles

lie before you and I we do not

know, but if because we

do not know we do not care,

because we are afraid

we do not try, the story of the Maori

is all we tell. We have none of

our own.

They built a great fire

upon the shore and those they

left away so far saw

the Southern Lights and said,

“Our people found the

Promised Land.” It is not

Biblical, but it is Scriptural.

Listen, if you do not seek,

you do not find, you do not ask,

you do not get, you do not go you

do not come to be the legend

others tell. Light no fires on any

distant shore, no one sees the proof

of yet another Promised Land.

It is not Biblical,

but it is Spiritual.

God favors those

who dare to

part the sea.