Second Tango

Tangos are danced in threes. The first an introduction. The second an unspoken vocabulary. Shall we? ♥ Tango One Hundred Twenty Five Once I saw you I could not forget. Love is eternal, created in a moment as life itself and living over time, but unlike life of flesh and blood, this life is spirit and lives without fear of disappearance. Tango One Hundred Twenty Six Let him be the high altar. Let me be the nave. Let him be the main entrance. Let me be the door by which the penitent comes to sit at the back of the sanctuary and says, “Have mercy upon me, a sinner.” Let me be anything in the cathedral of your love. Let me enter the house of God. Tango One Hundred Twenty Seven My darling, let me hold you. Your soul is mine. Do not fear sharing it with God and the love of […]

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