Second Tango

Tangos are danced in threes. The first an introduction. The second an unspoken vocabulary.

Shall we?

Tango One Hundred Twenty Five

Once I saw

you I could

not forget.

Love is eternal,

created in a

moment as

life itself

and living

over time,

but unlike

life of

flesh and

blood, this

life is

spirit and

lives without

fear of


Tango One Hundred Twenty Six

Let him be

the high

altar. Let

me be

the nave.

Let him

be the

main entrance.

Let me

be the

door by

which the


comes to

sit at

the back

of the


and says,

“Have mercy

upon me,

a sinner.”

Let me

be anything

in the


of your

love. Let

me enter

the house

of God.

Tango One Hundred Twenty Seven

My darling,

let me hold

you. Your

soul is mine.

Do not fear

sharing it

with God

and the love

of your

days and

nights and

now me,

the invisible


I hope

you will

allow this


of platonic

ecstasy. It

is no fantasy.

It is as

real as

any realm

in the lives

we lead

between the

heaven and

earth of

our existence.

Let me

hold you.

Let me

feel your

breath upon

my cheek

and as I

hold you


with the

rite of


fully clothed

in righteousness.

Tango One Hundred Twenty Eight

Let my words

come into you

and there remain

as spirit burning

to ignite the

love you give

to others. I

ask no recognition.

Heat and passion

are their own

reward, but

perhaps a spark

set to music

someday, a soft

embrace and

invitation whispered

to stay.

Tango One Hundred Twenty Nine

Love him

and love

him all

the more

for loving

me. Let

my love

inspire you

to brighter

colors, flowing

folds and

quicker charms

because a

man loves

you afar

and your

man is so

close. After

all, is it

not the selfless

way we hear

spoken of so

much in church?

Tango One Hundred Thirty

Claim your

privacy in my

arms. Smile

your secret

smile of

knowing. You

love them.

How can

you betray

or neglect

when all

you give

is love and

all you

seek is

love and

all you do

is music

written by

God the author

and master

of the love

we share?

There is

enough for

everyone. Dance

with me and

claim your

privacy in

my arms.

Tango One Hundred Thirty One

I am dying

for your touch.

I am languishing

to see you

in an evening

gown beneath


lights amid

tables covered

by white

linen cloth

and candles

illuminating our

names on a

reservation card.

I am dying

to take you

in my arms

and dance

with you.

Comfort me

with stories

of eternal life.

Tango One Hundred Thirty Two

You cannot

imagine how

difficult each

day becomes

until I think

of you. My

words express

a bridge I

cannot cross.

God holds

the key to

access and

the time. He

rules in pure

love and


Others may

come and go

into and from

your life and

express themselves

easily. I am

the one in

the corner,

waiting for

salvation to

bid me rise.

Tango One Hundred Thirty Three

The time has

come for us

to say goodbye

or draw closer.

The time has

come for me

to leave or

say I will

not go.

The time has

come to make

decisions, say

it must always

be or never

can and must

be closed.

I love you.

How can I

leave? I

take you in

my arms and

hold you.

My arms

strengthen their

resolve and

my hands

search for

ways to help.

I lift your

face to mine

and close my

eyes. Our

lips meet.

There is light.

Tango One Hundred Thirty Four

We will

never dance

in public,

you and I.

God will

see we

never come

together in

the light

of other


You and I

will dance

all the

more sublimely

for being allowed

to dance at


Heaven will

see. Angels

will applaud.

God will


but we will


remain essential

and give our

moves our

tears our

love our

longing one

unto another


Tango One Hundred Thirty Five

It isn’t all

inside and

personal. It’s

out there

beneath the

sky amid

the clouds.

A starry

night with

surf on a

calm beach,

a dew wet

city with a

million lights

reflected on

our polished


A tree

swaying with

a leaf

falling in anticipation

of fall.

It can be

so simple

in breathless


Tango One Hundred Thirty Six

I am the man

who steps

aside to leave

 a blossom

uncrushed in

his path.

I am the man

who takes a

long look

at a rainbow

even in

the rain.

I am the

man who stares

into the embers

of a fire

and sees ancient

cities set to blaze.

Then there is

the man who

writes to you.

It is the

same man.

He loves you.