The War Party

“What does it stand for?”

a woman asked.

“It sounds aggressive.”

“It is aggressive,” I replied.

“It stands for agression against

those who started this war.”

The War Party

believes all public elections should be conducted

by paper ballot only,

whether at the polls,

or absentee by

surface mail.

Electronic intrusion in

the election process should

be held to an absolute minimum.

It’s common sense.

Salesmanship of computerized

election devices or software has no place

in the fundamental process of free elections,

any more than computers would be welcome

in the performance of a wedding or a funeral.

Computers and their programs can be hacked.

They can by thwarted. They can be rigged.

If we invite the violation of our elections

by computerization,

we have no one to blame but ourselves

when thieves, saboteurs and enemies

take advantage of

our stupidity.

The War Party

stands for

a suspension of all new highway

construction in the State of Wisconsin,

because the State of Wisconsin does

not need new highways that cost double

what  they were estimated to cost

when plans were approved and

cost overruns have gone

unchecked over a decade.

It stands for

using manpower, equipment

and a fraction of the money to inspect,

prioritize and maintain

existing roads and highways,

especially repainting and resigning

so motorists can see and know

where they’re going.

It stands for a complete audit

of the State Department of Transportation.

The War Party

stands for a reduction in taxation

affecting citizens sixty-five years of age

and older so the decision whether

or not to remain in their own homes is not taken

away from them by a crushing financial burden.

The War Party

stands for state supported health care as

government’s rightful responsibility

toward its citizens with the added

incentive that businesses and individuals

will relocate to Wisconsin for the benefits

they most desire to lead happy,

productive lives. Money for health care

can be found in any funds otherwise allocated

for construction, hardware and accessories

of government. Health comes first.

“Innocent until proven guilty,” is

the guiding light of jurisprudence.

Let “Eligible until prove ineligible”

be the watchword of government toward

the needs of its people.

The people owe government nothing.

Government owes the people everything.

The War Party

advocates strip mining

of landfills and obsoleted

dumps for the extraction of

metals and potentially

recyclable sources of

manufacture and energy.

The War Party

stands for abolition of the

Wisconsin State Lottery,

because gambling is bad business

and worse when applied

to government.

All lottery funds undistributed at

the time of abolition used

for tuition and job training.

The War Party would

abolish trapping in the State of Wisconsin.

Public education

in the State of Wisconsin

is in disarray. Once the pride

of our people and the promise

of our future, the crisis and

the challenge now stands before

us in the person of any international

student, age sixteen, who comes

to our state and can speak,

read and write English

as well as their own language fluently,

who study mathematics, science,

history and culture

in their own country

from seven o’clock in the morning

to nine o’clock at night six days a week,

who play violin and piano and will be told

if they may enter college not based on

money or available scholarships,

but based entirely upon their academic

achievement. This student knows

discipline and respect and knows

how to claim the future

confidently with a smile.

If the State of Wisconsin wants

to share that future, not own it

or dominate it in the classroom of

the world, then education here

must do its homework and stop

playing hooky from real learning

with the distractions of hardware,

software and technique that teach nothing

but cubicle skills and substitutes

programming for education.

Without successful students

and their ability to conduct their own lives

and contribute to the society

they learn to love,

the State of Wisconsin

and the nation in which it stands

will fail.

The War Party believes

all elections of public

officials should be conducted

by paper ballot only,

whether they are cast in person

or by utilization of the postal

system. Electronic ballots

and tabulation of returns have

always been acknowledge as

susceptible to interference

and unlawful intrusion.

The risk is unacceptable

and unnecessary,

predicated entirely on the

fashion and failures of

electronic media.

The War Party

stands for mandatory incarceration

for first and second offense conviction

of driving while intoxicated and mandatory

lifetime revocation of license on third

offense conviction. You still think its fun?

All fines and forfeitures for

first, second and third offenses quadrupled.

The War Party

stands for establishment

of a Wisconsin State Peace Corp,

the equivalent of the Civilian Conservation Corp

of the Depression era to accomplish public works

using unemployed adults, disadvantaged and


The War Party

stands for the separation

of Sex and State.

Although the separation

of Church and State is a given,

laws regarding sexual relations are

typically the result of religious

indoctrination, therefore no laws shall

be enacted relevant to private sexual relations

which are love relationships between

consenting adults including marriage.

Cowards, thieves or bullies who use physical or

psychological force to obtain sex

are felons.

All such aggression, especially

toward children, the disabled

and those unable to

competently decline or accept

will be brought to justice,

not on the basis of sex,

but on the basis of assault.

The War Party

stands for insurance reform.

Rates based upon no claims

are false parameters. Policies

cancelled and rates raised

upon claim, insurance companies

dictating both method and extent of

treatment or practice to individuals

or institutions are real issues.

So is government’s involvement

with insurance companies

and insurance companies

involvement with investment capital.

The War Party

stands for Double Trouble.

All criminal penalties upon conviction

of any crime committed against

any person with a disability,

any child or any senior citizen

are double those otherwise imposed.

It’s the same as a Work Zone

on the highway. You speed through

there and risk the lives of those

who cannot see you coming,

you got Double Trouble.

Abolish personal income tax

in Wisconsin and replace it

by commensurate sales tax.

A percentage of every sale

is easier to understand and

accurate every time a cash drawer opens.

People see the percentage and know

this is the cost of government.

It’s self adjusting.

Those with more money who purchase

more pay more tax. Those with

less money who purchase less

pay less tax.

In 1853 Wisconsin abolished

the death penalty.

Re-instate it.

All correspondence in reply to agencies

of the State of Wisconsin

provided with First Class

Postage Paid envelopes.

The War Party

stands for establishment of

regional homeless shelters

which provide as requisites for

occupancy both educational and

vocational classes with visits

from representatives of social service

agencies on site to rehabilitate residents.

The shelters issue diplomas

to residents for successful

or meritorious involvement

in the program.

You have to start somewhere.

The War Party

is a family more than a party.

The party is over with regard

politics as usual. We are hung over

and staggering and cannot find

our way, belligerent and ready to fight,

arguing with one another because

we don’t like the way the other guys talks

or looks or holds his drink.

We are full of vain pride and conceit,

and we don’t know how to stop and step

back away from the bar.

We haven’t got the guts to be humble or

nearly as great as we say we are

and just go back home, get sober

and go back to work.

So the War Party

would be made of American

Indians, the tribes of Wisconsin,

who know deprivation and disappointment

better than anyone, yet maintain their

dignity and honor with compassion

toward even those who have caused

their suffering, who care for one another

because they are of the blood

and of the spirit which preceded

the blood.

The War Party

would be made of the

disadvantaged and disaffected,

the minorities, the ones who know

power doesn’t like them, just

tolerates them and gives them

crumbs to keep them from starving,

but doesn’t like them asking for seconds

and sure as hell won’t give them a place

at the table unless they’re serving

the ones who own the table.

The War Party

would be made

of the disenfranchised,

the ex-cons, drop outs,

social outcasts, veterans,

disabled, disadvantaged,

clinically depressed

souls who wake up trying to make a living

or trying to just get out of bed

who can’t understand

why the State of Wisconsin which proclaims,

“Forward” and points the way

won’t let them go “Forward”

no matter how hard they try.

The War Party

would get all dressed up to vote.

Instead of being cynical

or apathetic or watching it all

on television, the War Party

would go to the polls in full regalia

and sing and shout and dance

and wear paint and feathers

and dye their hair and

celebrate the fact that with

simple marks of black

on white paper,

winning every single election

they enter and passing

every single resolution they introduce

as though fighting for their lives,

the lives of their families

and the lives of generations

yet to come,

the War Party

would change the world

and save the world

it is changing.