The Newday

I saw a Newday

outside my window

this very morning,

striding up my street

in plain sight,

not so very plain.

Brilliant in resplendent

colors, glowing gold

and burnished red,

aflame with luster,

sparkling with a panoply

of stars retiring for the night,

a Newday breathing fire

ready for mortal combat

against fear, fatigue or apathy.

I saw a Newday

coming down my street,

meteoric in its swiftness.

It will not stay.

I must capture it,

befriend it quickly,

throw my reins over

its massive head

and leap into the saddle

for the ride.

What fun we’ll have,

charging through the

neighborhood and out

into the world.

I saw a Newday looking

for companionship today,

searching for a kindred.

I volunteered.

Up, up and away!