All poets are blind

or should be,

blind to the world

they see, yet given sight

to see what is invisible.


All poets should stumble

through other people’s

lives, all the obstacles

of a sighted world

or what passes for sight.


All poets should write

about what they cannot

prove because no one else

can see what they see

and no one believes

what they are told.


All poets should be blind

to momentary monetary

gain and accolade

and just know what

they know is real

and what they are told

is folly, because

of course, no one else

can see it.


All poets should be blind

and take their stick

and use it like a rapier

in defense of dignity,

honor, glory and truth

and only tap the ground

for emphasis, not



All poets should be blind

and cross the street

to the other side

fearlessly as though

it were a cliff.


All poets should be blind.