The Amateurs

It isn’t so much

they’ve gerrymandered

districts so no

one they don’t like

can get elected.

It isn’t so much

they’re willing to

indebt taxpayers

to insure corporate

profitability, and

It isn’t so much

they’re willing to

invalidate or eradicate

laws made by

the people to protect

the people or

amend the law

to defeat legal objection

to corporate ambition, no

It isn’t any of

that. It’s the

people who still

think beer and

a second helping

of potato salad

at the game answers

everything and its OK

for politics to rape

democracy so long

as we get to watch.

But its not.

It’s not all right.

It’s all wrong.

And it isn’t so

much we have to

do anything about it.

Because it’s so wrong

the right will

brush us aside

and take care

of everything

all by itself,

if we do nothing.