“What does it mean?”

“Not a damn thing.

Don’t talk to me about

sustainability in a nation

gone from natural wilderness

to wilderness of our own making

in less than two hundred years.

Talk to be about money and profit

and comfort if you want to talk

the truth.”

“Don’t you believe it’s important

to protect our environment?”

“Raise the price and everyone

becomes a conservationist.

Punish those who poison

others and everyone is

environmentally aware.”

“We need to be so careful.”

“We need to be so bold and brave and

aggressive. We need to be

adventuresome and willing to

dismantle what doesn’t work for parts

to make it work for others,

not something new to please ourselves.”

“Sustainability is the answer.”

“Sustainability is the status quo.

If you want to talk sustainability,

talk kids who finish high school,

go to college and raise a family.

Talk couples married fifty or sixty years.

Talk cars that last or land

that doesn’t get paved in homage to them.

Talk walking through

neighborhoods without fear.

Talk to a doctor who doesn’t

remind you of a banker.

Talk inventiveness,

discovery and creativity.

Talk victory

or don’t talk to me at all.