He’s gone now,

my stupid dog

with his stupid grin

and the floppy ears

tattooed for racing.


He’s gone now

with his elegant

stance and his

beautiful eyes and

his fast, keen



He’s gone now

and all the thousands

of times I let

him out in the

middle of the night

are gone with him.


He’s gone now

and I will never

fail again to console

him during thunderstorms

or pick up his mess

or ask myself how

any dog could be so

dignified and funny.


He’s gone now

and I wish I could

go with him or

he return to me

and just walk

with this stupid,

empty leash.


He’s gone now,

but we will meet

again and again and

again, every time

I think of him and

know he thinks of

me, winning every

race amidst the clouds.