Sleeping Beauty

I have an old

story within

my heart,

part memory,

part fairy tale

of a night I

went camping

in a forbidding

wood and as

I walked

to where my

camp was laid

beheld the

dark, impenetrable

fortress of

the trees

arrayed against

my entry.

All seemed

uncouth, all

seemed against

me. Yet on

I walked

over broken

ground, fighting

down my

fear and


to enter into

darkness yet

more profound

and by the

light I held

found yet

the camp I

knew prepared

and finding it

enjoyed a slumber

all the more

sublime for

winning it against

my own reluctance.

That is the

story and the

moral. Join

me there. Remain

not where

you are in

safety. Leave

what you think

you know of

light and

brave what’s

out there.