Let’s not do it.

Let’s not go down the dusty

road to death.

We’ve built so many

roads. Are none of them

upward tending,

over whatever obstructions

we may find in our way?

Or are we destined

now to drive or ride

in circles, forever

longing for where we

started, but lost


and bored even

with ourselves

in captivity to our


Let’s not do it.

Let’s stay home for once

and enjoy what we’ve

been given, quiet and close

and loving one another

before we venture

forth again to try to find

ourselves elsewhere.

Let’s not do it.

If we can’t find the truth

within we’re lying to believe

we’ll find it out there

and lose ourselves into

the bargain; fatalities,

statistics, consumers

bereft of anything to consume

except ourselves.

Let’s not do it.

Let’s do something

wonderful instead.

Let’s find a place

to stand and

move the world.