Prayer For A Poisoner

May the dogs

you have killed

haunt you. May

the coyotes and

foxes and raccoons

you have slain

awaken and come

together and speak

the same language

and find you.

May they squeeze

from their loins

and guts the

essence of what

you left for them

to find and may

they feed it to you.

May you realize

too late what

you ate is not

intended to

satisfy your hunger,

but the hunger

of their lives

for justice and

if not justice,

vengeance will do.

May you die

slowly, fully

aware you will

not survive in

this world or

the next, because

you served death

to life

and death is a loser.

You are a loser.

Take a big bite.

Chew it up real good.

Now swallow.