“Do not forsake me, oh my darling.”

He sang as he worked.

“On this our wedding day.”

He polished his truck.

“Do not forsake me, oh my darling.”

His pickup truck.

“Wait. Wait along.”

He made love to her on the hood of this pickup truck.

“I do not know what fate awaits me.”

He polished that hood now.

“I only know I must be brave.”

She left him for another man.

“And I must face a man who hates me.”

He did not know the man.

“Or lie a coward, a craven coward;”

He rubbed really hard to get off every bug.

“Or lie a coward in my grave.”

Perhaps the man had a new pickup truck.

“Oh to be torn ‘twixt love and duty.”

A truck that didn’t need polishing.

“S’posin’ I lose my fair haired beauty.”

Or maybe the guy could pay to have it polished.

“Look at that big hand move along.”

A brand new pickup truck with lots of chrome.

“Nearing high noon.”

And better tires.

“He made a vow while in states’ prison.”

It’s hard to compete in the world for love.

“Vowed it would be my life or his ‘an.”

Best stay away from the very sight of love.

“I’m not afraid of death, but oh, what will I do?”

Or thought of love.

“If you leave me?”

And take care of what God gave.

“Do not forsake me, oh my darling.”

All of a sudden a brand new pickup truck stopped on the street.

“You made that promise as a bride.”

Right there at the end of the driveway.

“Do not forsake me, oh my darling.”

A beautiful blonde behind the wheel.

“Although you’re grievin’, I can’t be leavin’.”

She leaned toward the passenger window as it opened.

“Now that I need you by my side.”

She spoke to him.

“Wait along.”

“Say cowboy.”

He threw down the rag and stood up slow.

“Wait along.”

“Can you help me?”

“Wait along.”

“Depends,” he said.

“Wait along.”