One Hundred Roses

Ninety-Seventh Rose

Yes, my arms have

held her.

Yes, my eyes have

lingered on her


Yes, my thoughts

have spiraled

up and down

the length and yes,

the shapeliness

of her.

Yes, I forsook

every other blossom

and chose

the rose.


Ninety-Eighth Rose


Will you marry me?

Someday when we

are old

and no one asks

or seeks to know

when we began or

how long we’ve

known or how

good we go together?

Will you be

that part of me

that gives me

what I am and

wants to be?

When every rose awaits

your answer and

whispers you must

answer yes,

will you marry me?


Ninety-Ninth Rose


When I make

love to you,

I honor every love

ever made or

every lover who

in true confession

of a life for which

willingly life is given,

forfeits all treasures

of God’s heaven

in exchange.

When I make love

to you I want

more than anything

to be not so much

fulfilled as to

fulfill you and

keep that promise


God made me

make when He gave

me life.

“Promise you will make

someone glad.” I pray

when I make love to

you that promise is fulfilled.


One Hundreth Rose

Our children will

be the lovers who

come after us,

who look upon

our souls so

closely grown

they merge in one new

everlasting bloom.

Here, our children

find us, the

parents of their love,

two roses become