100 Tangos

Tango Ninety-Eight


Do not

deny me.

I am not

the man


before you.

I am the

spirit within

yourself, the

elegant, insistent,

utter devotion

to your pulse.

Fast or slow,

in or toward

the stars.

I am your

self made


Tango Ninety-Nine

Remain soft.

Many men

want to

dance with


Many men

look upon

you and if

their eyes

were able,

you would

already be

worn smooth

by their touch.

Remain soft.


Tango One Hundred


I will always

love you.

Whether we

dance once

or a thousand

times, I

will never

take you

for granted,

Never seek to

dominate you

through my lead,

but only

compliment and

exact the

beauty I

see, as a

diamond cutter

the gem beneath

his gaze.

I will

always love


Tango One Hundred – One

I will take

you to your

seat with

homage, both

to you

and the God

who made


The one, true,


God who could

craft such

beauty and

give it

into my care

for even

a moment,

to you, to

Him my

gratitude for

this miracle,

this tango.

There is no

reason we

should ever