New Glory

Stop asking

as though

you had a

right to anything

but the chance

to keep trying.

Stop complaining.

Stop planning to

retire and give thanks

for the job.

Invent some

way to make

life better

for anyone

but yourself.

Tell fools

the truth.

Fight only

to the death.

Live beyond

your means

in love until

you no longer

fear love.

Be yourself

until you forget

how, then go back

to class.

Turn off all the

screens and look

around. Keep

looking and

never substitute

media for real

life again or text

for an embrace

or handshake

or face to face.

Talk to people.

Listen to them.

Honor the dead.

Listen to them too

and tell the unborn

how much you love

them by preparing

your world to receive

them. Quit the stage

with honor and bow

to the applause.

If there is no applause,

wait for a better

audience during the


Unlock the secrets

of the universe and

throw away the key.