Cut the Power

They cut the power

today to work

on the lines.

The computer went

off. The lights

went off. The

refrigerator went

off. The garage

door wouldn’t

open. I wanted

to mow the yard.

The door has a

release. I opened

it by hand.

When it happens

you learn a

few things. You

learn how important

it is to think,

to improvise,

to work without

buttons or switches

or instant anything.

You learn something

else in the quiet

of birds and wind

and branches

cutting their

way up into

the air.

You learn if

the boys and

girls are right

about the way

the world

works and survival

of the fittest,

origin of the

species and

how many eons

it takes to

get anything

done, you

better pray not

for salvation,

but eternal