It isn’t for


Some people

spend lots

of money

and it isn’t

for sale. In

fact, you

get it when

you can’t

afford it and

walk away.

That starts

the process,

the long,

slow grind

of authenticity.

When you

come back

with the money

and you still

can’t afford

it because the

price has gone

up, that’s more

authenticity. When

they won’t sell

it to you

because they

don’t like the

way you look

or smell that’s

authenticity, but

they’ll never say,

because they’re

too smart and

they assume

you’re too dumb

to know the difference.

They don’t want

you to be


They want you to

go away. But if

you persist, if

you don’t give up,

if you try with

all your might

you can beat them

and remain authentic,

now that you’ve gone

to all the trouble

of telling them

to go to hell