Wheels Within Wheels

Before I get started

on all this

I want to offer

a few lines to

those I’ve loved

and those who

may read these

words. I have

four wagon wheels

to begin the work

of rebuilding an old

wooden wagon, completely

ruined and gone

to wreck in the back

yard of this house.

It is of no use

whatsoever, but I

have dreamed and now

possess four massive

wheels good for

nothing else unless the

dream persists. I

have committed to

the dream thus far.

In recognition

of the wheels and

the dream, I

must see it

through. They will

not move or be

admired half so

much for being here

stored in safety,

as they will be mounted

on a fully resurrected

wagon and for this

I commit myself

and them to God,

for God is as much

an antique notion

gone to ruin in

this age as wooden

wheels and all the

careful craftsmanship

given way to ephemerata,

if there is such a

word. I dedicate

these wheels and

with them myself.

 Let the good times