Yesterday a child with a gun,

a troubled child with a gun

in a society which allows

troubled children with guns

to enter a school and begin to kill,

killed and killed and killed and killed

and wounded and maimed and terrified

and ran away because he’d had enough

killing for a time and when they caught

him he allowed himself to be captured

because he wants the attention killing

brings and the fame and the assurance

he will be cared for the rest of his life

for killing.


This is our Valentine’s Day, America.

This is the red and bloody day we love

because we just can’t help ourselves.

It comes in the shape of a heart that has stopped

beating, a heart bloody and red and open for

the Love of God never to beat again.

It is our passion and when the killing stops

for a time we run away and say how sorry

we are it ever happened and pray it will never

happen again, but it will. We know it will,

because the only ones with guts

are the ones who took the bullets.

The rest of us are made of chocolate,

lace and paper.