Thank You For Shopping

Next time you go

to the grocery store,

get down on your knees

in one of the aisles

and thank God.

Don’t worry about missing

church. You’ll find

the Great Green Grocer

somewhere between House Wares

and Frozen Foods.

Thank Him. Yes, life up your

hands in praise for the

selection and forty-five

kinds of dog food.

Say Hallelujah for the

stock boy who asks you

if there’s anything he

can do, even if it’s just

help you get up

off your knees.

Glory in the canned goods.

Take every free sample

they offer, from

the humble hands of

kind people with portions

more generous than starvation

wafers and sanctuary juice.

Look over there at the vast

array of beer, wine and liquor.

Say, they even sell tobacco and

cheap magazines by the

check out. This is real

theology. Have a candy bar

brother and say there sister,

can I help you out

with that heavy load?

Oh thanks be to God and

let’s meet again here someday

when our spirits are low

and we seek salvation

only sustenance can bring.

Do I want paper or plastic?

I don’t care. Just lead me home