John Edwin Fons

John FonsBorn in Ludington, Michigan
I never knew the town.

Dad worked in oil and gas
Exploration and our family moved every
Year or so.
I lived in:

Mt. Carmel, Illinois;
Robinson, Illinois;
Bradford, Pennsylvania;
Robinson, Illinois again;
Tulsa, Oklahoma;
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
(Two locations);
New Orleans, Louisiana and
Houston, Texas.

After I left Houston
I homesteaded an
Abandoned farm in Madison County, Iowa
And lived there eighteen years.

Then I lived in Dubuque, Iowa.

Then I lived in Dallas.

Then Van Nuys, California,

but first

I attended college at Trinity
University in San Antonio, Texas;
University of Houston;
Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa;
Dubuque Theological Seminary and
Dallas Theological Seminary.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree
In Religion from Simpson College
And Master of Theology
From Dallas Theological Seminary.

I attended the University of Iowa
Writer’s Workshop three semesters
On special admission.

I worked these jobs:

Pizza cook; department store
Sales clerk; night auditor and motel
Desk clerk; school bus driver;
Plumber’s assistant;
Small town journalist;
Self-employed carpenter; Nurse’s aide;
Oil and gas exploration including
Development of US Patent 5,281,024;
Interim pastor;
Overseas missionary; book store
Sales clerk; stenographer;
Assembly line worker;

Freight handler – distribution warehouse
Executive jet charter agent;
Writing instructor.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin.

Elected May 11, 2016 Executive Director, The Arc – Dane County. Resigned October 23, 2016.

I have a four harness floor loom and I know how to use it.

I love to write.

I love the tango.

I love the accordion.

I love to watch
My greyhound run.

His name is Stetson.