I have fallen in love

so many times

I cannot count them

I have written so many

poems, so many odes,

so many declarations

of the love I feel

I cannot remember.

I do not want to remember

or count the words

or the gifts I have been given

any more than I could count

the beatings of my heart

through all this life.

Who has the time? Who

would stop the sight of all

those stars and close their

eyes to blind themselves and

contemplate in darkness?

Let me love. Give me more.

If Christ could do it so can I.

If God wanted us sexless,

loveless, incognito from ourselves

and others, He would have made

us rocks and we all know

how much fun that would be..

Don’t be that way.

Pick it up, that otherwise inanimate

stuff of which we all are made

and to which we will return

and throw it out

as far as you can throw into the ocean

of this world and watch the

ripples play through space

and time.

Don’t pray for peace.

You’ll get it when you die.

Throw your love away.