“Good Morning, Class.

Today we’re going to study

a variety of subjects.


I want you to open your

Text books and turn to Page One.

We’ll begin with Social Studies,

then continue with Language Skills,

Mathematics and Science.


There’ll be time for Recreation,

but today we’ll learn about

the Great Men and Women

who changed the Course of History

and gave us the Ideas and Ideals that propel

us as a Free People into the Future.


You may have ideas of your own

Here today which will determine

not only the course of your own life,

but your contribution to the Destiny and Progress

of Humankind.

Are there any questions?”


“Yes, teacher. Why are you wearing a gun?”


“Because nothing I have said here today makes

the slightest difference whatsoever

and the only lesson you really need to learn

in this or any other class is

the sacred right of violence.”