Rachmaninoff Opus 2

The time has come for new beginnings. Being born again is a daily endeavor, a daily emergence. Then upon occasion the blessed event is far more than it might otherwise be intended or expected to be. Another beginning hoves into view. It might be an iceberg or open water. It might be a harbor or open sea. It might be the treasure or bankruptcy that brings fiscal liberation either way. Whatever way, it is known for what it is and brings a feeling without precise understanding. Beginnings must be that way. Only the ending knows the ending and brings understanding, despite questions never to be answered. I can give you an example. Years ago I walked into a room and heard Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto in C Minor playing, the second movement adagio sostenuto to be precise and it opened for me he next forty years of my life. Melancholy years. […]

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