You get it once. Yeah, that’s right, once. Not twice or any multiple of prime or whole numbers. Forget eternity. Leave all that eon stuff to dinosaurs. You get it once. Give it to me. I’ll give you some of mine. ƒ


We are forgiven. Sometimes softly as now. Other times fast and furious, contradictory through the air swirling colliding eager and precipitous, forgiven nonetheless. Once fallen fresh upon fresh others may leave their imprint of sinfulness. ƒ

Waving at the Scarecrow

Every year about this time we dream a little dream and put a scarecrow in our yard, a friendly fool who doesn’t scare anyone at all. Not even crows. I hear them laughing now high up in the trees. It’s made for fun at Halloween when all the real ghouls and goblins emerge to walk…